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Chocobo and friends set out on a treasure hunting adventure that has them traversing some scary dungeons. Team work, potions, weapons and magic books will help them through. To keep you on yor toes The "Random Dungeon Generator" makes sure that if you exit a level...when you return everything will be completely different.

Editor's Note:

The original Chocobo's Dungeon was only released in Japan.

Added on: December 18, 2000

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Producer Shinji Hashimoto has dug deep into the bag of Squaresoft classic PlayStation games and pulled out a 1997... posted Aug 09, 10 4:48pm

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This is an excellent game!!! The graphics are good/bad I'm not sure I don't pay much...

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A good dungeon crawler, but a bit dull. ChocobosDungeon2 PSX
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