: : : : : MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch


All the blood, gore and laugh-out-loud comedy of Celebrity Deathmatch the TV show comes alive on the Playstation


*11 different characters from mr.t to frankenstein

*9 different items including mallet,stop sign,fish,bazooka and parking meter

*4 different arenas

*a giant fan that cuts your head off if time runs out
Apr 18, 10 9:30pm
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peterp owns MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch
peterp played MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch
Mar 18, 09 12:27am
it's a simple game with loads of funny moments MTVsCelebrityDeathmatch PS2
Jacob Crow
Feb 17, 06 10:53am
Sorta good MTVsCelebrityDeathmatch PS2
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