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Two expansion packs in one with this game. History has been a bit messed up by Einstein and time travel by eliminating Hitler. This caused the Soviet Empire to expand uncontested. The Allies have been formed and it's up to them to put a stop to Stalin. You can play as both the Allies and the Soviets in over 100 missions. Make use of everything from basic infantry to the awesomely powerful Mammoth Tanks. So it's up to you if you want to save Europe or aid in it's downfall...


  • Based on the 2 Red Alert expansion packs for the PC
  • Play as either the Soviets or the Allies, each having their own advantages and disadvantages
  • Make use of your advantages: Soviets in the air and the Allies' Infantry
  • Many multiplayer missions to do with a link cable
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C&C Red Alert is a classic, no doubt, the sheer number of units and maps available for...


good game in general good graphics and excellent game play theres nothing wrong with...


Over all it's a decent game and is worth all of it's 3.9/5 Although dated decent you...

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