Castlevania: Symphony of the Night GameShark Codes (PSX)

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Master Code (PSX) Japan Master

800F4BF6 1400800F4BF6 1400800F4BF6 1400
rating: 5/5

Assorted Gameshark Codes (PSX) North America

All Special Items 1 50000E020000 800979828180

All Special Items 2 500005020000 800979780303

Quick Level Gain 80097BECFFFF

Infinite Gold 80097BF0FFFF

Infinite HP 80097BA003E7

Infinite MP 80097BB003E7

Infinite Hearts 80097BA80063

Super Jump [Press X + L1] D40000000044 800733E40000

Max Attack 800F4BF61400

Max Guard 800F504E1400

Max STR 80097BB803E7

Max CON 80097BBC03E7

Max INT 80097BC003E7

Max LCK 80097BC403E7

Quick Level Gain, Max Luck and Money (PSX) North America

83F68473FFFF > LVL Gain.

83F6843B03E7 > Max Luck.

83F6840FFFFF > Infinite Money

Warning, the Inf money gives you 65.000 aprox you cannot earn money if you are using this Code.