Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Gameshark Codes

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Master Code [Japan]

800F4BF6 1400800F4BF6 1400800F4BF6 1400

Verified by: this code is unverified Submitted by: lamkike on November 09, 2008

rating: 5.00/5.00

Assorted Gameshark Codes [North America]

All Special Items 1 50000E020000 800979828180

All Special Items 2 500005020000 800979780303

Quick Level Gain 80097BECFFFF

Infinite Gold 80097BF0FFFF

Infinite HP 80097BA003E7

Infinite MP 80097BB003E7

Infinite Hearts 80097BA80063

Super Jump [Press X + L1] D40000000044 800733E40000

Max Attack 800F4BF61400

Max Guard 800F504E1400

Max STR 80097BB803E7

Max CON 80097BBC03E7

Max INT 80097BC003E7

Max LCK 80097BC403E7

Verified by: Duncan Idaho Submitted by: Miss Fortune on October 25, 2008
rating: ---

Quick Level Gain, Max Luck and Money [North America]

83F68473FFFF > LVL Gain.

83F6843B03E7 > Max Luck.

83F6840FFFFF > Infinite Money

Warning, the Inf money gives you 65.000 aprox you cannot earn money if you are using this Code.

Verified by: this code is unverified Submitted by: Duncan Idaho on November 24, 2008