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Looney Tunes' Daffy Duck accidentally breaks Granny's time regulator and as a result time itself is thrown into disarray. Bugs Bunny and Taz (THE Tasmanian Devil) must team up and travel to 4 different time periods to recover the gem that powers the time regulator and thus restore time itself. Gameplay requires you switch between the 2 characters continuously. Challenge 30 levels alone or with a friend in co-operative gaming.

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Loved Bugs Bunny games on the PSX. So much adventure and actually fun to follow through with! BugsBunnyandTazTimebusters PSX
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Very good game The 2nd best game of the world after escape frm monkey island for...


I have loved playing this game, became addicted right away. I have figured out major...


This game is a must have. If you like Bugs Bunny and Taz cartoons, you'll love this...


Basically this is a 2-player Spyro or Grinch with a different license. The gameplay...

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