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Do battle against Vampires and Demons in this 3rd person action/adventure. Using Buffy and her friends special skills you'll face off against hungry blood sucking Vampires. Features settings from the hit television show.


  • Vanquish the anquish the undead with over 50 kicks, jumps, and combos.

  • Crush adversaries with ultra-realistic,acrobatic fighting maneuvers. Using state-of-the-art motion-capture capabilities, Sarah Michelle Gellar's stunt double's fighting moves are copied to provide astonishingly realistic-looking leaps and flips.

  • Slaughter vampires, zombies, and other undead creatures with an arsenal of stakes, shovels, a crossbow, holy water, and the XVS water gun filled with hellfire.

  • Explore over 43 Levels with 13 missions including such as Sunnydale High School, the Bronze nightclub, and the sunken church.

  • Immerse yourself in Buffy's world through interaction with Willow, Cordelia, Xander, Giles, Spike, and Angel.

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This is my mom BuffyTheVampireSlayer PC
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Pretty Nifty! BuffyTheVampireSlayer PC
Jun 14, 04 9:39pm
F1D0's sister's game, so he's never played it. ;) Apparently it's good. BuffyTheVampireSlayer PC
Apr 22, 04 6:35am
Alright BuffyTheVampireSlayer PC
May 26, 01 12:26pm

it rullllleeeesssssss when will it be out ??????

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