Bomberman Fantasy Race Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 4.6/10

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Bomberman Fantasy Race Reviews

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ConsoleDomain  --- Mar 09 '01
GameCenter 4/10 Jun 25 '99
IGN PSX 6.8/10 Aug 04 '99
Total Games 20/100 Mar 09 '01 5.7/10 Apr 27 '99
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ConsoleDomain on

"I really can't even recommend BFR for a rent, there's plenty of games out there that I'd much rather play."

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GameCenter on

"The control flaws make playing the same track over and over an inevitability--one for which most gamers won't have the patience."

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"Although it doesn't add much new to the crowded genre, it's nice to see that there are titles out there which are fun to play regardless of cuteness or overused characters."

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Total Games on

"There are only two reasons you'll end up with this soul-destroying debacle on legs; one, you bought it by accident or two, your a masochist. It's that awful."

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"'s worth renting, but it's a little too short, and the tracks are a little too simple to warrant a more long-term relationship."

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