Bloody Roar 2 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.7/10

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Bloody Roar 2 Reviews

website score publish date
Absolute PlayStation 88% May 15 '99
Game Informer  --- May 01 '99
Game Revolution C+ Jun 15 '99
GameCenter 6/10 Jun 29 '99
Gamefan 89% May 27 '99
GameSpot 6.1/10 Jun 02 '99
Happy Puppy 7/10 Jun 10 '99
Hotgames  --- Dec 11 '00
IGN 8.8/10 Jun 03 '99
Total Videogames 95% Dec 11 '00
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Bloody Roar 2 Previews

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Absolute PlayStation on Dec 11 '00

"The original Bloody Roar was high in quality but low in content. However, the inclusion of a Story mode certainly prolongs the life of this sequel."

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Game Informer on Dec 11 '00

"Each character has a unique story that is unraveled with hand drawn artwork, written dialogue, and, to a lesser degree, the fights that ensue."

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Game Revolution on Dec 11 '00

"There is a fair amount of strategy in the fighting techniques, but it still feels more unpredictable then a 'skills' fighting game like the Tekken series."

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GameSpot on Dec 11 '00

"...they took out the characters Mitsuko (the female boar, yuck!), Greg (the monkey man), and Hans (the girly-looking fox guy), and replaced them with four new characters - Marvel (the leopard..."

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Hotgames on Dec 11 '00

"If you want a fast paced intense fighting game with a twist, than Bloody Roar 2 should fit the bill. Being a beast has never been more fun."

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