BLASTO! Defender of humanity, crusher of slimy alien things, vaporizer of Earth's enemies - AND, our last hope for survival! Great hard-core shooting action and classic platform game features in an open, 3-D animated world.


  • Enormous, Fully 3D and Completely interactive worlds
  • A Very 'cool' charachter Starring Phil Hartman as the voice of Captian Blasto! Captain Blasto - he's slightly warped, somewhat dysfunctional, but you would be too if you had to constantly slug it out with slimy alien things!
  • Tons of Moves! Blasto can walk, run, jump, duck, swim, grab on to ledges, fly with a jet-pac and ride a big blue alien chicken
  • Platform-style elements and alot more!
  • Amazingly unique graphics

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Classic Hardcore Game! Blasto PSX

The hero kinda like batman except that he has a blaster and no cape, is trying to stop...

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