Black & White is a cross-genre game which involves resource management, spellcasting skills, battle strategy and parenting skills. Eight tribes on an island live their lives in harmony. They only want one thing. A god. It's divine intervention - the villagers, in trouble one day, shout for help and this is where you come in. You are their god who will teach your followers the difference between good and evil, while benefiting from their worship.


  • Player has control of a God and the ability to rule a society of people who worship your character

  • Choice one of two paths: the evil path or the good path; treat your people awfully or divinely

  • Ability to raise a creature who reflects the nature of the player's God

  • Abilty to fight against rival Gods with the fully grown-up creature

Editor's Note:

It was previously believed that this title would be ported to PS2.

Added on: January 19, 2001

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Awsome! One of the best computer games I have. Great Action, you must be alert at...

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It is allmoast like the computer version except for the codes and the controlling.

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