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Batman & Robin Reviews

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Absolute PlayStation 79% Sep 15 '98
Electric Playground 4/10 Dec 13 '00
GameCenter 4/10 Sep 18 '98
GameSpot 5.7/10 Aug 06 '98
IGN 5/10 Aug 11 '98
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Absolute PlayStation on Dec 13 '00

"The fighting scenes are slightly annoying because while the controls are fine when plodding around looking for clues, in the heat of the action they are a little too clumsy for my liking."

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GameSpot on Dec 13 '00

"The city is visually rich and quite varied. There are many unique locations and not too many repeating store- and building-fronts between them, which combine to make you feel like you're really..."

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IGN on Dec 13 '00

"...there is an amazing amount of things you can do, see, and there really is a lot of game here to get through. But you just won't have that much fun getting there. That's because the control is..."

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