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Did you know that the evil Dr. Neo Cortex has a boss? Well he does. His name is Uka Uka and he's not to happy that Crash foiled their evil plan in Crash Bandicoot 2. So this time he's enlisted another doctor to build a time machine that will allow Dr. Cortex and his cronies to travel through time to the original locations of the gems and crystals. Can Crash and his sister Coco stop Dr. Cortex once again? Travel to the time of the dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, Atlantis, World War I, and more.

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The epitome of adventure games on PS1. This game its a jewel to me, it's the reason why I got into gaming. CrashBandicootWarped PSX
One of the major games of my childhood. Such a good game. Too bad Crash was sold off... :( CrashBandicootWarped PSX
I loved this game as a kid and still do today, very fun platforming adventure 10/10 CrashBandicootWarped PSX
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8.8 / 10
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