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The world is run by corporations and you're for sale. As a member of the mercenary group 'The RAVENS' you'll take on any mission. Your only alliance is to money. In your Armored Core mech you'll do battle in city streets and wide open spaces. As you complete missions you'll earn cash to upgrade your mech. There are over 300,000 possible weapon and armor combinations. You can also have two-player games with a split-screen or through a link cable.

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ProtossZealot and 5 others played Armored Core
ProtossZealot and 15 others own Armored Core
Dec 13, 09 12:13pm
remember when i first ever played armored core, didnt know what i was doing and cheated all the way through it but it was fun ArmoredCore PSX
Mar 29, 07 8:58am
added 5 cheats
_ Explosif _
Dec 04, 01 8:31pm

You can buy the re-release version of this product at http://www.agetec.com

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