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Young Ark embarks on a journey to find 6 companions to help break the seal of magical Ark and thus save the world from destruction. Experience his story and two other characters' from the Arc the Lad trilogy of games in Arc the Lad Collection. This collection will contain all 3 games from the Arc the Lad series of tactical RPGs, none of which were released domestically until now. New scenes allow the 3 stories to relate better.

Editor's Note:

The screenshots give a taste of all 3 games, so expect to see some drastic differences between some of them.

Added on: November 01, 2000

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I desperately want this game ArcTheLadCollection PSX

I am very familiar with Working Designs and its uncanny attempts with which to present...


This is a good collection to add to your psx collection, it is very time consuming,...


Arc 1: awesome game. took me about ten hours to beat and really did a good job of...


Pretty good story, excellent consistency b/w games. Great extra game (Monster...


Arc the Lad II was originally planned as the end of the Arc the Lad series. However,...


Arc the Lad Monster Arena is not a sequel in any sense, and has nothing to do with the...


Arc the Lad II is not just a sequel to Arc the Lad, it is also an extension of its...


Arc The Lad was a grand project, it was originally planned to be a large game, but due...


Arc the lad 1

Graphics-The graphics in this game is 16 bit and are ok to look at. The...


any person who has ever played a rpg or stradegy game, will fall in love with this...


excellent in almost every way very good game people you probably shouldnt miss out on...

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