Playing Spike, it's your responsibility to make sure that a bunch of monkeys don't become masters of this planet. They've managed to travel through time and with the inspiration of their evil monkey leader Specter they plan to keep you and every other human locked away in an amusement park. This 3D adventure takes you through 25 levels in 7 worlds.

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monkeys so much monkeys some shoot some dont AAAAHHHH!!!! ApeEscape PSX
Catch dose' MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ApeEscape PSX

Ape Escape is a game about a young boy trying to stop monkeys from going back in time....


Ape Escape is unique. It's one of a kind, the only game that requires you to travel...


The main story is this, a boy trys to take over the world with monkeys, a rival of the...


This game is the best adventure game I ever played. This game uses full advantage of...


Ape Escape is a very entertaining game. You get zapped back in time and you have to...


Ok on my last reveiw I had some uh...inproper grammer and stuff so I am gonna try and...


Okay. By now you probably saw my score and rushed out and bought the OFG. The only...


this game is one of the best in the world.the graphics are good and gameplay is...

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