This is a single player RPG with many puzzles that will keep the gamer busy for hours. This game boasts an incredible storyline with many different characters that support players in their journey.


  • Seek and discover the powers of the Golems, ARMs, mythic weapons and more.
  • Encounter and survive traps like ground spikes, vanishing bridges, and falling floors.
  • Explore an interactive world by igniting
    bombs, activating switches, and throwing objects.
  • 3D combat with animated polygonal monsters and magic from multiple viewpoints.
  • Create powerful elemental magic through experimentation and discovery.
  • Control the fight with Auto-Battle Commands and the New Force System.
  • Customize control functions, camera angles, cursor positions, and more. Special options include an icon-based interface and a help menu

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Guh, Zeboyd Games have reached into my chest and ripped out my heart with their glorious April... posted Apr 01, 14 11:40am

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Love this series WildARMs PSX
A classic game with an amazing storyline. WildARMs PSX

The game is my favorite in the series.But that's my opinion.The game's story is really...


I enjoyed this game but at the same time often found myself frustrated. The further I...


This was a good game when it came out and the entire Wild Arms series has yet to get...


This is a good game IMO. I enjoyed playing it to an extent. The puzzles made it...

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