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Join Lara Croft once again in the third incarnation of the Tomb Raider series. Play through 4 levels in any order you choose; non-linear gameplay encourages you to play through the game the way you want as you help Lara search for 4 artifacts linked to a meteor. Make use of new moves like dashing and monkey swinging to brave new dangers and combat new foes.


  • Incredible new graphic enhancements include multi-colored lighting, rippling water, reflections, fog and changing weather effects!
  • Play in any order as you follow Lara through the South Pacific, Antarctica, Area 51, London and India.
  • New moves and vehicles include speed dash, monkey swing, kayak and quad bike help Lara out of tricky situations.

  • Defend against hyenas, monkeys, piranhas, and the infamous T-Rex with new weapons such as Grenade Launcher, Desert Eagle and Rocket Launcher!
  • Greater number of enemies that Tomb Raider 1 & 2!
  • New save-game system allows 'easy' and 'difficult' option.

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Sep 23, 10 5:45pm
Aug 18, 10 9:21pm
Linear in the fact that it hardly ever changed. TombRaider3AdventuresOfLaraCroft PSX
Mar 02, 10 10:11am
To hard for me. Waaaay too hard. Finished it but never gonna play it again. TombRaider3AdventuresOfLaraCroft PSX
Aug 15, 09 7:50pm
Terranigma Fan
Jan 21, 09 8:17pm
Hard as hell but still fun TombRaider3AdventuresOfLaraCroft PSX
Oct 30, 08 4:59am
Tops all the other Tomb raiders TombRaider3AdventuresOfLaraCroft PSX
Jun 15, 08 4:09am
Scratched to hell TombRaider3AdventuresOfLaraCroft PSX
May 19, 06 12:04am
Very very Awesome! TombRaider3AdventuresOfLaraCroft PSX
mb 1
Aug 20, 03 9:42am
added 5 cheats
Honest Man 1910
Apr 24, 03 9:01am

Tomb Raider 3 is the best Tomb Raider game ever. The selection of weapons is fantastic...

Dec 18, 02 2:26pm

I adore this Tomb Raider like I do the others. Lara looks smoother, the graphics are...

Nov 09, 02 10:12am

This game iz soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun! The levels take @ least 30 minutes...

Jun 26, 02 8:53am

This is not my fave tomb raider game, but a poor Tomb Raider is still a good game. The...

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