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Feudal Japan is beset by dark forces and as one of two ninjas you must seek justice, using whatever means necessary. Explore 10 fully 3D levels and make use of a variety of weapons ranging from ninja stars to magic spells. Advanced enemy AI and randomized character/object placement keeps you on your toes as you use stealth and cunning to survive and succeed.

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i;m a huge tenchu fan. is there any way to play this title of tenchu after so so many years?? TenchuStealthAssassins PSX

The year 1998. The stealth games start to live because of Tenchu and Metal Gear Solid....


This game is a game you should definately buy, especially if you enjoy ninja and...



TENCHU: STEALTH ASSASSINS is hands down the best ninja simulation ever created....


If you have never touched this game, put everything down, and go buy it and its...


This game never gains dust.I find myself picking it up and continue playing it, its...

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