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In this final sequel Spyro must go down a rabbit hole into the Rhynoc-ruled empire to retrieve stolen baby dragon eggs from the evil sorceress. There's lots of mini-games and other characters that you'll be playing besides the little purple dragon.


It's an all-new adventure as Spyro travels through worlds vast to take down an evil foe once and for all. Other characters, such as Sgt. Byrd and Sheila are playable in their own unique adventures, and even little Sparx is playable.


  • Third title to feature popular cartoon dragon
  • Scavenger-hunt gameplay complemented by several minigames
  • Control other characters: Sheila, the kangaroo; Sergeant Byrd, the flying penguin, Bentley, the Yeti; Agent 9, the space monkey
  • Recover 150 dragon eggs from over 30 stages
  • In addition to Spyro's signature and special moves, use tanks, submarines, and speedboats

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Spyro 3 is a good game, not a great one but a good one, with four hub worlds to explore, six...

Cool game, good mechanics, great story and has one of the most mean anti-piracy measures. Spyro3YearOfTheDragon PSX
Just finished this for the 5th time! xD Spyro3YearOfTheDragon PSX
Excellent Spyro game which kept me playing for many hours. Enjoyed Skateboarding in the game despite the difficulty at some points. Spyro3YearOfTheDragon PSX
The old Spyro games are sooo fun! Spyro3YearOfTheDragon PSX
fun game.. ive beat it, but i havent entirely completed it.. Spyro3YearOfTheDragon PSX
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