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After defeating Gnasty Gnorc in the first title, Spyro decides to take a vacation. Of course, his plans are cut short when he's transported to another universe in need of his help. Use all of Spyro's moves from the first game, from gliding to headbutting, to explore 29 new levels, and take on a new menace - the evil Ripto.


  • Sequel to kid-friendly adventure game Spyro the Dragon
  • New sidequests to complete
  • Several Hidden areas to explore.
  • Play minigames like Hockey, ride a sub, fire cannons and more.
  • More then 100 new characters to meet.
  • Music by Stewart Copeland
  • Jump, swim, and fly
  • Many new moves

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The job of a sequel is to improve on what the first game did while continuing a story, right?...

ripto has been used from spyro 2 to enter the dragonfly's era(not all the games is the only era he was used...) Spyro2RiptosRage PSX
Good Game, glitches up on me abit tho! Spyro2RiptosRage PSX
My favorite Spyro game ;D Spyro2RiptosRage PSX
The best game of Spyro series :) Spyro2RiptosRage PSX
great game. possibly the best spyro game. Spyro2RiptosRage PSX
lol my mum loves these games Spyro2RiptosRage PSX
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8.7 / 10
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