Spyro the Dragon Own / Want List

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abbisonny None
CruelLeader None
lieutenant88pl None
Divinorse Spyro: The Dragon was one of the first games I ever purchased and it was for a great game system, the Playstation!
JordanP70 None
Scott 1 None
Imperial Zhou Tai None
Spellcaster9301 None
Kingy None
GrEyCrEsT (5/5) Pierced the Heart * The origin of spyro series and a very classic game * I recommend to PSX gamers.
Twilight_Okami CLASSIC GAME! Very fun!
MrX867 None
Death Kitten None
Myasho None
Chaos Swordsman None
Lucky Gamer Ver y good
KeatonXZX lost the real version. now i only have the demo
SandyPanda None
SerialZero None
twink_lingz None
MattchuLB Ah... The one that started the wonderful Spyro series. At least the first three were awesome.
Regard None
Akaryuu None
MalindaMage None
cobra2 The start of a great PS1 series
badboy90 None
SpyroTDragon None
candyo1965 None
Blackheartedwolf None
Spyro Princess The first Spyro game. I will always love it.
Jeg None
Cheetah Dragon None
mario420 None
Misty None
Maximus 3 None
sonicfreak None
death talon None
yugiRULER None
Exonerate None
Bahamut RAGE None
wicked_rikku boring
SunnyDelight None
Heartbreaker None
o0o Dark Bahamut o0o None
raymanmaster good
Midnight Phoenix None
Blue eyes Lady None
starwarsmaster None
Klonoas_Gurl Brings back so many memories *sniff*
JohnnySu None