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Race through South Park Forest, Big Gay Al's Big Gay Animal Sanctuary, or downtown South Park. Choose from a slew of characters not limited to just Kenny, Kyle, Stan or Cartman. Find shortcuts and figure out codes for secret characters. There's 3 multiplayer modes: Head to Head, Challenge, or Team. This game has the usual "South Park" flair with tons of soundbites by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.


  • Pick your driver from a wide cast of South Park characters, each with their own kart based on their background.
  • Zoom along open-style courses, with various paths to your goal.
  • Meet objectives in the race, whether it be chasing other drivers or reaching a certain item.
  • Go on the offence with a variety of weapons with that South Park flavour, such as fart turbos or vomit.
  • Experience the challenge of multiplayer gaming as you take on your friends in splitscreen action.

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