Praetorian_Lord's Silent Hill Review

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Polarity Nov 1, 13
Hold on a second bro.

You play PS1 games on a PSP? I guess they'd look ugly on your big screen TV, huh?
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Praetorian_Lord Nov 1, 13
Haha, actually I don't have much of a choice. I don't have a PS1 or wireless broadband, so I'm forced to play all my Playstation store games on my PSP. I did the same thing for my Metal Gear Solid review.

Bit misleading to submit it under the PSX profile, but there isn't one for the PSP version and I couldn't be bothered creating one. For the record I'd bump the PSX up to an 8.
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Polarity Nov 3, 13
Ah, that makes sense.

It is a bit misleading, but in all fairness, it is a perfect emulation of the PS1 game. Plus it isn't as if many people play PS1 games on their PSPs (well, not via legal means, anyway )

Am I to assume you browse Neoseeker via your phone?
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Praetorian_Lord Nov 4, 13
Sometimes, why's that?
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Jak Nov 4, 13
The cool kids browse via their phones, dude. Just because your old ass browses with a Pentium computer.