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Silent Hill Reviews

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Absolute PlayStation 96% Feb 01 '99
Thunderbolt 10/10 Nov 15 '08
GameSpot 8.2/10 Feb 23 '99
IGN PSX 9.0/10 Feb 24 '99
Solinari Gaming 9.7/10.0 Mar 30 '02
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Absolute PlayStation on Apr 16 '06

"It's just like waiting for a bus. For years we bide patiently for Konami to provide us with a half decent Playstation game... and then all of a sudden two come along together. Hot on the heels of..."

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GameSpot on Oct 17 '00

"One of the most successfully unnerving elements is the game's lighting... use of fog and darkness work so well to enhance the game's mood... game camera suffers from the same problem as many other..."

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IGN PSX on Oct 17 '00

"...excellent use of ambient sounds... you'll find yourself evading enemies more often than confronting them... sure to have even veteran Racoon City warriors quaking in their boots... grainier than..."

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Solinari Gaming on Jul 26 '02

"Multiple endings, hidden stuff, good storyline, scary as hell."

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