Harry Mason and his daughter Cheryl are enroute to the resort town of Silent Hill. But an accident occurs along the way and Cheryl goes missing. Harry ventures into Silent Hill alone but things are not what they seem, with disturbing creatures loose in the city and no human in sight. As Harry you must use your wits to find your daughter and try to survive the unnatural horrors that have beset this town.


  • In-depth storyline with 4 different endings and a variety of areas
  • Detailed sound and real time lighting effects
  • Variety of animated cut-scenes

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While Resident Evil let us have fun within a horror setting, Silent Hill always felt...

Don't find it scary, but it's not a bad game. SilentHill PSX
a little scarier than resident evil, except this one you actually get scared in and not startled by sudden events SilentHill PSX
The start to the amazing Silent Hill series. Still creepy today. SilentHill PSX
Do not ask me how I got this, its been sitting in my game drawer for years now, it SilentHill PSX

Gameplay: Silent Hill bases it's gameplay off of the standard set from Resident evil...


this game is one of the best ive played its scary, imaginative and weird i couldnt...

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