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This popular racing game for the Playstation features 500 cars on 20 tracks with 3 different gameplay modes. Get behind the wheel of an Acura, Lotus, Aston Martin, Vector, Mercedes - Benz and many more.


  • Sequel to acclaimed driving simulator Grand Turismo

  • 20 different racing courses

  • More than 400 cars to choose from

  • Modify your engine to maximize performance

  • Earn money from racing to upgrade your car

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Gran Turismo 2 is a racing simulator game that came out for the PS1/PSX. There really...

I completed this game (Gran Turismo 2) by using the following car(s): Honda S2000 GT1 Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Unisia Jecs Skyline... GranTurismo2 PSX
Was great fun when it came out GranTurismo2 PSX
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