Diablo invites you to enter a world of dark gothic fantasy. Play as a brave warrior, cunning rogue or a mysterious sorceror. As you venture deeper into the labyrinth, you'll discover weapons, armor, and many magical treasures. Also you'll develop your character's skills and abilities. You might want to bring a friend or two to help out... Built in support for Battle.Net as well as modem, serial, and network play, insures that you'll never have to go in alone.


Diablo is a D & D style fantasy role playing game where you venture into monster infested dragons on a series of mini-quests. Your overall goal is to find and destroy the Devil himself by whatever means you can.

You start the game in a town called Tristram, a ghost town inhibited by only a few survivors of a past conflict. Here you can find some useful information and handy hints from the townsfolk if you speak to them. They also provide some useful services that will help you in your quest to destroy Diablo. You can receive healing, buy and sell spells, potions, armour and weapons and even get items repaired in the town. During the course of playing the game, you will find the town will play a very important part of your adventure. If things ever get a bit much for you down in the pits of Hell, the town may also provide refuge from all the slaughter and mayhem.

Once you have kitted yourself out with weapons, spells, potions etc you will be ready to descend. There are 3 levels for you to explore: Normal, Nightmare and Hell. They difficult increases the further you progress and you will need to build up your experience and character points before you should even think about venturing in to the Nightmare and Hell levels! You gain experience points for everything you kill and the more you points build up. You will be awarded points for you to increase your character stats too.

There is a simple style to playing Diablo that doesn't slow down the fast and furious gameplay. The whole strategy element lies within the choices you make when it comes to deciding on which weapons and special items you use. Thankfully, there is no shortage of interesting weapons lying about in the dark, monster infested dungeons it's just getting your hands on them that's the problem! It's the element of discovering and exploring that makes this game appealing and with every level different each time you play, you'll be guaranteed an addictive and exciting adventure!


*Play as one of three character classes; Warrior, Mage or Rogue.

*Extensive replay value; missions change with every new game.

*Carry-over feature allows you to save your characters and then start a new adventure with your advanced statistics.

*Multiple difficulty levels.

*Fully explorable 3D dungeons are generated at random, making for a unique run each time you play.

*Battle a slew of monsters and demons with a wide array of melee and long-range weaponry.

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