Cool Boarders 2 is the "sequel" to Cool Boarders uses four riders and six tracks, more will be available as you progress farther into the game. Cool Boarders 2 also features a new split-screen multiplayer mode. In single-player however, you can race against six opponents. Each track ranges in difficulty level and length. Half-pipe levels, Boardparks, and the Trick Master run are also new additions. Cool Boarders 2 also manages to have the many styles and tricks to your taste. CB2 also features a Red Book Audio.


Choose from seven different riders and 18 boards, then hit one of more than 10 courses to compete in freestyle mode, where the score is based on speed and tricks; or just concentrate on pulling off tricks in the big air and halfpipe modes. For those who want to test all of their skills, try the Competition mode and compete in all three events. When competition gets to be too much, try the unscored Board Park mode to practice all of your moves. If your friends think they get down the mountain better than you do, make them put their money where their mouth is with the Two-Player mode. All of the action in COOL BOARDERS 2 will keep boarding bums busy for days.

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