Civilization II allows you to choose a tribe to build up and follow history the way events and advancements have come. Your Civilization must survive against obsticles such as war with other tribes, and manage your resources efficiently. This PC port has a new interface and a Beginner's mode.


In Civilization II, you must build up your empire at a quicker rate and more efficiently than your opponents. This is achieved by research, exploration, and good planning and development of the cities you lay down. While you build up your race, you will meet others trying to build themselves up, requiring that you either make peace with them or wipe them out completely in order to move on with your plans to colonize space. Along the way you will learn the history behind the race you are building up via full-motion video. The only way to beat your opponents in the race to colonize Alpha Centauri is by keeping a good balance of knowledge, wealth, and military strength.


  • Command powerful armies. Defend and conquer using a wide range of weaponry. Deploy a variety of troops, equipment and technology. From archers, paratroopers and elephants to AEGIS cruisers and Stealth fighters.
  • Negotiate with rival empires. Plan a strategy to outwit history's most cunning leaders. Advanced diplomatic tactics allow you to wage war, make peace or form cooperative alliances with other nations.
  • Devise and control technology. Drive your cities' technological evolution with amphibious warfare, seafaring tactics, theology and more.
  • Construct Wonders of the World. Full-motion video brings to life Leonardo da Vinci's Workshop, the Statue of Liberty and Marco Polo's Embassy.
  • Enjoy exclusive enhancements. An all-new interface adapted especially for the game console lets you lead your empire with ease. Plus, a Beginner mode offers hints along the way.

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Published under license from MicroProse.

Added on: December 18, 2000

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cheat, my favorite button. Civilization2 PC
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A extremely good game!

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