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"Ace Combat 2 is the sequel to Namco's Air Combat (originally titled Ace Combat in the arcades). There are over 30 new missions (almost double the predecessor) designed to test your flight skills and shooting ability. While fighting it out with the computer controlled enemy aircraft, you will have to blast into tight chambers, detonate a power plant's core, fly through city streets, and escort important figures to safety.

There are plenty of new aircraft at your disposal. As you progress throughout the game, you earn money, which allows you to buy specific planes. Each plane handles differently and you must choose the craft best suited for the mission at hand. For instance, stealth missions require a fast plane, undetected by radar; for an escort mission, you will probably want to take a plane loaded with armor and firepower.

Depending on how well you complete missions, you can access secret levels that grant you the ability to fly top-secret planes, including the elusive Stealth Bomber. Ace Combat 2 is for one player only and utilizes one save block on a memory card that saves everything from your progress to secret planes and missions you may have unlocked."

— Shawn Sackenheim, All Game Guide


  • The most realistic dogfights ever created for the Playstation game console.
  • Total 3-D polygon environment - fly freely and unload your arsenal with reckless abandon.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence - cunning and calculating enemy pilots.
  • 30 formidable missions - nearly double the missions of Air Combat.
  • Awesome mission debriefings - dynamic diagrams and moving maps for surgical strikes.
  • Secret planes and hidden missions - the better you fly, the more you'll reveal.

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  • Genre: Air Action (PSX)
  • Theme(s): Military
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Namco
  • Publisher: Namco
  • Released
    North AmericaJul 31, 1997
    EuropeOctober 1997
    JapanMay 30, 1997
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