Become the one and only James Bond and use the lastest vehicles from Q-Branch in an effort to stop an evil crime lord's plans. Drive through a series of varied locales in 14 missions and hunt, eliminate and evade enemies ranging from helicopters to enemy cars. Receive new weapons systems from Q-Branch. Experience racing 007 style thanks to the Need for Speed game engine.

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When I first got the game it had a misleading boxart. Didn't get much play time. 007Racing PSX

James Bond ventures out into his own driving-based game after EA think they've got...


there are some twists and surprise, such as some very bad glitches. the only real...


Be Bond, behind the wheel. Pay attention 007. This is for your eyes only. Q-Branch has...


This game was not like I expected it to be. Please do not buy this game, as it is not...


this game sucks alot dont buy it ssssssssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuu ccccccccccc...


If you want some decent Bond action in a car, buy a £200 PlayStation2 and a £40 Agent...


The jury is still out on whether or not 007racing is a good idea, but the more wee see...


Graphics could have used a lil more work, but surfice for the time being, and as...


I Found 007 Racing A Verry Good Game And Would Recomend It TO Any One The Only Coupple...


With an oversturated market of racing games, James Bond tries to step up to the plate...


i rented it. i hated it.

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