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In The Warrior's Code, the realm is one of chaos and oppression as a powerful warlord's horrific minions continue to slaughter and enslave the people. When members of a secret shape-shifting race begin to disappear, suspicions of an insidious plot to exterminate them lead many of its members to flee into the wilderness for survival. While struggling to escape capture and death, some of the shape-shifting refugees stumble upon a carefully guarded secret that rekindles hope for freedom and peace in the realm.


As one of five shape-changing characters, players will challenge their skills through an epic storyline consisting of five exciting chapters with dramatic in-game cinematics, voiceovers and an upgraded Quest Journal. In addition, there are more than 45 areas featuring interactive objects, devious traps, destructible walls and ambient creatures.


  • Evolutionary Combat Engine – Experience all-new action-RPG combat through an upgraded combat engine featuring a wider variety of combat moves and special abilities, dynamic attacks of opportunity, and all the intensity of fast hack-n-slash action.
  • Epic Storyline – Play through five exciting chapters with dramatic in-game cinematics and voiceovers.
  • Enhanced 3D Game Engine – Featuring enhanced Graphics, Special Effects, and Lighting with streaming music.
  • All-New Online Multiplayer Mode – Featuring story-driven two player co-op play seamlessly integrated with the single player game or combat focused player vs. player battles for up to four players.
  • All New Macro-Chat Communication System
  • All New Online Lobby and Matchmaking System
  • New Playable Characters – Five shape-changing player character types featuring enhanced customization and a wider variety of enhanced animations.
  • Enhanced Quest System – Challenge yourself with a wider variety of quest types and upgraded Quest Journal.
  • New Hand-Crafted Environments – Explore more than 45 all-new areas featuring dynamic events and a wider array of interactive objects, devious traps, destructible walls, and ambient creatures.
  • Unique Monsters – Battle and employ different combat strategies against more than 40 unique monsters with improved Artificial Intelligence.
  • Massive Boss Battles – Experience 12 massive boss battles featuring interactive lairs and unique new gameplay challenges.
  • All-New User Interface – A completely new User Interface includes multiple control schemes, enhanced mini-map and world map with fog of war and streamlined inventory, skill system, and quick menu options.
  • Enhanced Item System – Collect and utilize a wider variety of items and enhancements and store in an all new item stash.

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  • Genre: Fantasy RPG
  • Perspective(s): First Person
  • Developer: SCEA
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Released
    North AmericaMar 14, 2006
    EuropeJun 30, 2006
    JapanOct 26, 2006
    AustraliaSep 14, 2006
  • Also known as:
  • Untold Legends 2 in North America / Japan / Europe / Australia
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