During gameplay, you will be joined by a squad of robots, who can be used for many purposes. You command the Tokobots to make one of a number of formations around you -- they can circle you, they can flank you to the left and right, or they can follow behind you -- and in these formations, the robots have different joined techniques that allow you to get through the challenging platform levels.


  • Work with your Tokobots to create a "joint-acton"that will help you through obstacles!
  • You'll begin with only 6 Tokobots, but if you are successful, you can acquire many more to help you on your journey!
  • Achieve big challenges only by strategically utilizing yourself and the Tokobots in new and innovative ways!
  • Follow the Hieroglyphics in the ruins to help you and the Tokobots form the ultimate joint-action move, the Karakuri Combinations, which will morph the Tokobots into large robots.
  • Bonus Game Center can be unlocked when the game is completed.
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  • Genre: Platformer Action
  • Perspective(s): Isometric
  • Developer: Tecmo
  • Publisher: Tecmo
  • Released
    North AmericaDec 6, 2005
    EuropeApr 7, 2006
    JapanDec 15, 2005
  • Also known as:
  • Karakuri in Japan
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