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Take part in the ultimate racing game, Race Driver 2. Race one of your favorite cars from various models such as the Mustang, Impreza and the Vanquish thanks to official licenses from car manufacturs like Ford, Mercedes, and Audi. Drive on over 50 real tracks from around the globe like Pikes Peak and Laguna Seca.


  • Race in 31 championships covering 15 different motor racing styles -- all with fantastic graphics, sharp AI and great racing physics
  • All the standard racing modes are here - go to any open track for Free Race, race the clock in Time Trial, or take on friends in split-screen multiplayer mode
  • Give the wildest new racing styles a try - Ice-racing, street races, oval racing, Rallycross, even Super Truck Racing
  • Test yourself against 35 champions, each with their own cars & racing styles
  • Experience 50 of the world's toughest tracks, across Europe, Australia and North America

Hardware Requirements

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Special Controllers: Headset
1 32MB Memory Stick with Magic Gate Compatibility
16:9 Widescreen

Official URL

Official Site
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