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This is Football 2005 is a newly released Football (Soccer) game which allows you to control each player from the team you choose. You can play with up to eight players, or against the CPU. TIF 2005 has totally revamped gameplay and deeper management options for a more immersive and compelling experience. You can add football superstars to your favourite team using the transfer market feature. Or go online and compete against the best gamers in the world.


  • All-new gameplay; new passing and shooting systems
  • Career Mode
  • Improved transfer market
  • Improved graphics including 300 uniquely modelled heads
  • New stadiams
  • Huge competition structure--30 international divisions
  • World Cup and Euro Cup competitions
  • Over 900 teams in total
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Now this I remember being disappointed in. Fifa was far superior. The webcam feature was quite awful too. ThisIsFootball2005 PSP
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