The Sims 2: Pets Own / Want List

Username Comments
MilhasGirl None
Shin Ra None
Pagan182Twty None
Homie_G None
Smoothmaker21 None
XxSugarBaby6515xX None
clairerose82 None
harvestmoongyrl None
Jaden GX None
natewash23 None
Ghostshootr None
superman19 None
ellaine1818 None
quickly None
Alexis61 None
Kirin killer 009 None
lanky_yanky09 None
Jamesy None
Airboy56 None
killer1120 None
Trey2345 None
beboto None
Anonymous Reborn None
stacey112 None
GreaterBasch wait.. i own this game?
kwill43 I Trap the pet infront of me And Teach it all the comands
darkranger6 None
Trainer Dana None
Kingdom Hearts Lover None
Pati07 None
neonooper None
bilby_roxs None
Part-Time-Ninja None
Dark Fox_Kirin None
LDG88Twty None