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Namco's popular 3D fighting series' newest installation is coming to the PSP, as well as the PS3 and XBOX 360. However, Namco is promising a handful of features unique to the handheld edition. The PSP version of the game will include extra stages and customization items, as well as additional unspecified content.

Game Play

Tekken 6 is looking just fine. The graphics are almost on par with the arcade game, the control is responsive, and there seems to be plenty of content being packed into the console versions.

Tekken 6 players on the go will be able to upload their character data so that other players can download and fight against artificial-intelligence "ghosts" based on their own tendencies.


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May 26, 13 10:54am
Challenging game :3 Tekken6 PSP
Sep 13, 12 11:12pm
I loved Tekken 6!!! Tekken6 X360
Mar 05, 12 10:00am
"(5/5) * Still the best fighting game I experience. " Tekken6 X360
May 14, 11 4:07pm
Completed this too... (Well, why else am I shouting...) I have a RECORD on this. Tekken6 X360
Cruel Angel Thesis
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Cruel Angel Thesis
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Works perfectly with the PSP and seems to be of similar quality as that of the PS3 version. Extremely good and recommended for PSP. Tekken6 PS3
Apr 21, 10 9:53pm
steve fox best fighter Tekken6 PS3
Apr 02, 10 10:58am
added a cheat
Feb 25, 10 5:15am
1000/1000 This game was a good surprise, loved the "double dragon style" levels. Good challenge at the end of the game (The train level... Tekken6 PS3
Jan 25, 10 9:17am
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Arcade stick bundle Tekken6 PS3
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Just beat Heihachi in Campaing mode and currently trying to update rankings. Tekken6 X360
Oct 29, 09 2:18pm
Alisa Battle Tekken6 X360

[image1 link=yes width=188 height=311 float=left] Namco Bandai's launch of the PS3 and Xbox 360 ports for Tekken 6... posted Oct 28, 09 6:33pm

Oct 18, 09 4:42pm
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Sep 07, 09 12:18pm
Great game, but I like the 360 version better. Tekken6 PS3
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