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Gabe Logan is back in an all-new mission, and along with his good old friends Lian Xing and Theresa Lipan to solve an all-new mystery concerning a secretive project named Dark Mirror, being funded by a petroleum company named KemSynth. The government wants in, and they have come to Gabe once again for help.


Gabe has always been known for his espionage, and Dark Mirror will be no different. At his disposal will be numerous gadgets and weapons, among them Gabe will have to sneak around with goggles that allow infrared and thermal vision modes, and he can use grenades, a specialized rifle named the MB-150 that allows Gabe to kill, tranquilize or poison any enemy guards.


  • An all new adventure exclusively for the Playstation Portable.
  • Gabe Logan, Ling and Theresa return to the series' roots, character development is the theme this time.
  • Gabe must use the utmost secrecy, and has a bevy of gadgets as his disposal such as thermal goggles, a rifle with multiple purposes.
  • Using new techniques such as wall-hugging, buddy protection (while you're with someone), new gameplay options are opened.
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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is a pretty old game, yet it still holds up it's reputation...

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