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Product Wiki Description: Sweet Fuse: At Your Side is an Adventure game / dating Sim.
A visual novel adventure game with puzzles to solve
-Vast, Diverging Story – 14 different endings and over 30 hours of gameplay.

-Puzzles – The fate of you and your companions depends on your ability to solve puzzles.

-Unique Characters and Interactions – Blow your fuse or stay completely cool, the choice is yours when dealing with this crazy cast of characters.

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Release Date (North America):Aug 27, 2013 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Aug 28, 2013 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Jun 14, 2012 submit new
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Perspective:First Person submit new
Themes:Anime, Asiatic submit new
Publisher:Aksys Games submit new
Developer:Idea Factory submit new
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