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A young boy named Ratix lives in the town Clatos on a planet with medieval culture, together with his best friends Dorn and Milly. They belong to respectable families of warriors and healers, and excel in battles kills. One day, a letter from a neighbor town arrives. A strange disease has plagued the town and its inhabitants plead the healers of Clatos to help them. Milly's father decides to go, but he himself catches the disease. The young adventurers must save Milly's father and other people at all costs. But in the beginning of their journey, they discover a crashed space ship with people who belong to a much more advanced civilization. People from two different worlds must work together to solve the grand mystery...

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Let's be honest. There really isn’t much in the way of decent, original PSP RPGs. Star...

A really great game, i've been playing ti for awhile now, and ill say that it has definitly captured me into the storyline an battle. StarOceanTheFirstDeparture PSP

We haven't covered a terrible lot of Star Ocean: First Departure, the soon-coming RPG remake for the PlayStation... posted Oct 03, 08 3:57pm

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