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Game Play

The game has a strategy "active real time battle system” that was heavily influenced by Sakura Wars' ARMS (Active and Real-time Machine System) system and Valkyria Chronicles' BLiTZ (Battle of Live Tactical Zones) system. The player make use of melee weapons, ranged weapons, and magic in a battle system that places emphasis on character cooperation.

The player forms a party of up to five characters for battle.

The songstresses are special members of the player's battle party. By performing their magic song, they can achieve various effects such as battle—blocking enemies from moving, or increasing characters' move count. Some songs can even be used for attack. Using the songs drains Mana Energy.

The game also has inter-character relationships and light dating sim elements. Depending on the player's selections during event scenes, movements and usage of group skills during battle, the characters' relationships will change.


Character artwork designed by Tony Taka

Hardware Info

Sony PSP. Released on UMD and PSN.

Official URL

Official site (JP).
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