: : : : : Rengoku II: The Stairway to H.E.A.V.E.N.


Autonomous Dueling Armed Machine - ADAM. In the past they functioned as an efficient weapon of war. But with the tides of peace brought the end of their usefulness. Suddenly without purpose they were banished to the tower of Rengoku - a never-ending show of hell and its dark wonders where war lives eternal. Though eternal, time passed by... And in one long forgotten Rengoku, one ADAM began its awakening...


  • Customizable character with new upgrades
  • New level design adds new challenges with interactive environments
  • Grotesque character designs by the famous illustrator Jun Suemi
  • Updated battle system makes ratchets up the action oriented gameplay
  • Game sharing allow up to 4 players to battle with one UMD wirelessly.
  • Impressive main theme music is created by Hong Kong based composer, Chan Kwong Wing
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Jan 16, 09 8:58am
Interesting at first but becomes really boring and pointless. Rengoku2TheStairwayToHEAVEN PSP
Mar 03, 07 2:17pm
added 2 cheats
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