Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters Own / Want List

Username Comments
Sapphire Dragon None
cold107 None
Mystic None
Kaiba None
Kokoro None
Brazil Hater None
Sindrak None
gamerXXXX None
Son_Goten None
toluko None
Dingodile Blitzer None
zelda_link None
Watain None
BlazinFaze None
SebyBuz None
jrsboo None
Time Vortex None
Anomynous365 None
psp_freak None
Spiritual None
Ratchet12345 None
Project Genesis None
pokedex7 None
Sabre Doesn't beat the PS2 outings, but still good.
gerard way owns you A fun game to play if you enjoy the series, but it will be hard to follow if you have not played the other games.
overcheater None
Vorxice Very fun
finalfantasyguy13 None
iVeldink None
Kubrick None
MrGrimm Ratchet and Clank, my favorite PS2 game series of all time. Too bad I already had this game for the PS2.
Blue Neon None
H8NikeRice None
SpaceWalker None
wynnic None
Dark Helmet 781 None
vorak None
Apr0xy None
cecil_pldn None
bmanrox None
chaotic None
solidfranz None
AvengedAnger None
DXD None
KingOfTheLair None
Ghostshootr None
bumblebee19 got sick of it
Ryuzaki _L None
fishboy13 cool cool