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Puzzle Challenge: Crosswords & More! brings the joy of crossword puzzling to your handheld console.


    •Over 1000 unique interactive puzzles:
    • Easy Crosswords – Standard crosswords with easy clues.
    • Challenging Crosswords – Standard crosswords with challenging clues.
    • Codebreakers – Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number. Figure out which number matches which letter to fill in the crossword puzzle.
    • Cryptic – Standard crosswords with cryptic clues.
    • Diamonds – Standard crosswords laid out in a diamond shape.
    • Wordsearch – Standard themed wordsearch puzzles.
    • Mini WordSearch – Themed wordsearch puzzles on a smaller grid.
    • Micro WordSearch – Themed wordsearch puzzles on a really small grid.
    • Kriss Kross – Themed puzzles where you are given the words and you have to fill them into the crossword puzzle.
    • Mini Kriss Kross – Smaller Kriss Kross puzzles.
    • Number Jig – Crossword puzzles with numbers instead of words.
    • Backwords – Crossword style puzzle where you are given the clues and a grid of letters where the player fills in where the black squares should be.
  • Multi player profiles set up option - so the entire household can play.
  • Over 200 Hours of gameplay.
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