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Pilot Academy is an extension of the very popular Japanese flight simulation series Pilot Ni Narou. The game will offer both civilian and military flight simulation, with both single-player missions and challenges and multi-player aerial combat and battles.


Four eras of combat plane are represented – from World War I, through World War II, and The Cold War, to modern-day combat, each with their own challenges. All types and sizes of civilian planes are on offer – from crop sprayers to massive 300-seater passenger jets, and everything in between – with appropriate challenges for each class. Stunt aircraft will test dexterity, whist commercial aircraft will demand other skills – such as emergency landings in fierce conditions. The game features three regions to fly over, mapped over about 64 square kilometers of terrain.


  • Twenty different highly detailed aircraft to fly (civilian and military)
  • Aerial combat from WWI to modern day including bi-planes, spitfires, MIG's and the F16
  • Large environments including the Pacific Islands, Cities, African Wildlife Reserves and Alpine Forests
  • A range of flying experiences including barn-storming, crop-spraying, aerobatic displays and dogfighting
  • Multiplayer modes allowing for aerial battles and co-op against AI enemies

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  • Genre: Flight Sims
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Kuju Entertainment
  • Publisher: Rising Star
  • Released
    North AmericaMarch 2006
    EuropeOct 27, 2006
    JapanSep 7, 2006
    AustraliaOct 12, 2006
  • Also known as:
  • Pilot ni Narou! Flying All-Stars in Japan
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