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NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Impact is the latest addition to the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja video game series from Cyber Connect 2. The series has sold a total of over 8 Million Copies worldwide!

Impact revolutionizes the Ultimate Ninja series with the all new ‘Rush Battle System’ ! With this new battle system, players are challenged to trust their instincts as they face off against hordes of enemies in 1 Vs. 100 battles! Players will also be treated to a variety of boss battles to test their tactical prowess. They will even battle against huge bosses!

Players will experience the entire NARUTO SHIPPUDEN storyline from Naruto and Sasuke’s point of view. The game’s story spans from the beginning of SHIPPUDEN, up through the most recent story arc in the series. NARUTO fans must play this game!

Game Play


  • The all-new ‘Rush Battle System’ offers players Simple Controls in Intense 3D Battles!
  • Experience the entire NARUTO SHIPPUDEN storyline!
  • Fight against Huge Characters from the NARUTO series!
  • Huge Ad-hoc Mode Features with Co-op & Versus Play!
  • Expansive Game Contents for big Reply Value!
  • NARUTO Anime and Manga Fan Service !
  • Character Card System to satisfy the collectors!

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    • Genre: Fighting
    • Theme(s): Anime, Fantasy
    • Perspective(s): Third Person
    • Developer: CyberConnect2
    • Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
    • Released
      North AmericaOct 18, 2011
      EuropeNov 11, 2011
      JapanOct 20, 2011
      AustraliaNov 24, 2011
    • Also known as:
    • Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Impact in Japan
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