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This portable entry in the series continues THQ's long-line of motocross games, which have included the Ricky Carmichael series, MX Superfly, and the most recent MX vs. ATV Unleashed. MX vs. ATV Unleashed: On the Edge allows gamers to explore immense free-world areas, compete with an array of vehicle types and vie for off-road supremacy in a multitude of racing modes. The franchise's Rhythm Racing physics engine returns for realistic riding. PSP system multiplayer will allow four players to challenge each other wirelessly.


  • Open Class Ad Hoc Wi-Fi Competition – Challenge anyone in numerous off-road vehicles against 3 other players (ATV, Monster truck, Sand rail, and more)
  • Varied Racing Events – See how your racing ability stacks up in varied modes like SuperMoto, Short track, Hill climbs, and Way point races
  • New Off-Road Vehicles – Rip through the sand dunes in two new ATV models, launch off snow capped mountains with a redesigned monster truck, or show off two new pimped out 4x4 golf kart to country club friends
  • New Tracks – Compete on 8 new tracks built specifically for the PSP
  • Outdoor Freestyle – Check your skills in pulling off over 40 plus rider stunts in this new game mode
  • Rhythm Racing - Rainbow's "Rhythm Racing" physics engine perfectly re-creates each vehicles real world handling in order to conquer all dangerous terrain
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