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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is Capcom's third installment of the series set to be released on the Sony PSP sometime later this year.

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jeditj21 and 28 others own Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
Oct 07, 14 5:38am
Can someone help me patch mhp3 please MonsterHunterPortable3rd PSP
beast302 and 8 others played Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
Apr 20, 13 1:40am
good MonsterHunterPortable3rd PSP
Zeromus FFXII
Jul 27, 12 7:30am
Great game, with Metal Gear, ultraawesome!!! MonsterHunterPortable3rd PSP
Loto Drandel
Jan 14, 12 11:25am
this game is SICK!!! new monsters, along with some of the old ones...with the maps, it's Monster Hunter Freedom, meet Monster Hunter Tri! MonsterHunterPortable3rd PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment rolled out this year's PlayStation Awards ceremony earlier today, unveiling its list... posted Dec 05, 11 12:58pm

Aug 16, 11 2:59pm
any1 willing to send me a copy? cuz i aint payin $60 just to get it on amazon... MonsterHunterPortable3rd PSP

Sony will kick off its PSP Remaster Series software for the PS3 in a big way with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD... posted Jun 02, 11 12:20pm

Sony Computer Entertainment knows what Capcom knows, that the biggest selling title on any of its PlayStation... posted May 22, 11 3:02pm

Capcom reveals the full-year results for its 2011 fiscal year, and what a difference 12 months make.  The... posted May 06, 11 11:42am

A new Monster Hunter Portable game, a new Japanese industry sales milestone.  Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, the... posted Dec 21, 10 1:08am

[image1 height=300 float=right] Japan's appetite for gaming proved to be most sated with Metal Gear Solid:... posted Dec 07, 10 9:23pm

Nov 13, 10 8:42pm
added 4 new concept art
Oct 16, 10 9:03am
added 23 new screenshots

The circle of battlefield bromance between Capcom and Konami that started with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is... posted Sep 21, 10 6:52pm

Aug 16, 10 2:48pm
Looks very interesting. MonsterHunterPortable3rd PSP
Jul 29, 10 9:11am
Can't wait for the US release!!! MonsterHunterPortable3rd PSP
Twin_Master blogged
May 01, 10 12:51pm

Following on the last blog, I won't talk about my assignment. I have so much to work on as a result of receiving marks back. Well, I will detail what the next assignments (3 and 4) are about.

One is a report on the advances Information Technology in a particular industry. I have chosen the Health Industry and acquired lots of information, which I hope will lead me to success.

The other is more of a budgeting scheme for an IT business, which I find extremely boring and tedious. Coincidentally it's due sooner than the other (which I have already finished) so I should really be attempting it quite soon!

As of recent my efforts to find a job have continually fallen short. The search continues and I'm feeling increasingly more anxious as well as pessimistic about it all. On the top side I stand to make $115 this weekend from refereeing, however, I just feel as a more permanent and non seasonal solution is required!

Anticipation for games hasn't changed much, I'm still excited about Red Dead Redemption (perhaps a little less now), Peace Walker and Portable 3rd. Monster Hunter Tri is out, so I am looking at that, however not having a Wii does little to boost my spirits. Only recently remembered the game "The Last Guardian" coming out for PS3. I LOVED Shadow of The Colossus and and hotly anticipating The Last Guardian. The entire series has me in awe, and such a game is TOO GOOD to pass up!

Now, I must be off. I feel I should really take a good look into planning my assignment. Hope everyone is safe and enjoying themselves as well as this blog post.

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