Monster Hunter Freedom Own / Want List

Username Comments
KarasuShiro None
TestamentX2 None
Twin_Master One of the classics. A must for any die hard fan of the series or those wishing to start their MH journey.
Sakura None
Slifer_eshpal I just bought it!!!!!
Vegeta dude None
Psycho5050 None
gamerXXXX None
snakekiller None
Jaw7765 Its an ok game, not the best ive played
kariont None
Razite Not as great as expansions.
stuff113 None
zephyr7 Cheap
hells dark arbenger its AMAZING
Koudostu An awesome game that is worth your money
IGN_KutKuScale None
Xeros the Slayer None
rathalostdaplot None
sirlude I luv it! play it as much as possible if gf don
Setthotep None
Indoril Nerevar None
x187 Awesome
jbbaja None
monsterhunterisbest None
DarkHound It is an awesome definately worth buying
Havok757 None
Inferno07 None
Daedric_soulslayer None
cold107 None
D_O_G87 None
densendoku great game
Corseting None
Dexpaxas None
Divine_Wyvern SWEET GAME
Machienzo The original, and the classic. Rare to find nowadays.
bloodyomen None
CazDaMan None
dark wyvern None
kempy mine all mine
the hunter calypso Awsome game
orangeemu88 None
guns_or_blades None
killerhunt None
xXjOmAmMaXx None
kik36 None
PangTong_Blademaster None
lucedeoangel None
Dale MHF fan None
blaze dragon 1993 None