Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus Own / Want List

Username Comments
TheWickerman101 None
Joshua Mackley None
Lightice was allright but wish they never made it the way they did, MGS:PW ftw
Aranu None
Kudzuka None
TestamentX2 None
SpiritMafia None
soniczero None
Twin_Master Excellent gameplay, allowing more development of MGS:PO, despite the lack of story. BEWARE OF ONLINE MODE!
Burn in Hell None
Asianz None
DMW None
Metallica None
Shadow xxx None
Ground None
tweeder None
Pipifax None
Machienzo Expanding on the original, more soldiers and a new gaming mode Infinity Mission, which makes playing it much more tactical and fun for many hours.
Chimaira None
baby_Lord None
DemonSpirit None
PangTong_Blademaster None
childprodiGEE None
Alvaroduck None
Double_Bladed None
Dresken None
The Answer None
o_ffxmaster_o None
The Don None
gerard way owns you AMAZING GAME FOR ONLINE PLAY!
Stabby Gonk Droid None
MUFC07 None
globetrotter None
SolidSnake916 None
R3b3L None
Funaki None
Helwig None
Lukaeu None
Crippler 101 None
Soufga80 None
SS6782 None
Inner Rage None
J_Mad None
x13xSPAD3x13x None
El Cool Magnifico None
SPAZprodigy None